I'm the woman behind the lens, based in Madison Wisconsin.  My art focuses around lifestyle and storytelling photography, creating beautiful and timeless imagery for families, couples, maternity, newborns, and seniors in the central Wisconsin area.  I love to explore new locations, and I am always up for a travel adventure! I can't wait to meet you!

And here's a little on what I'm all about.

Hey there, I'm candace.

My love for photography is deeply tied to a desire for connection, to feel and document a moment that no one else will experience, to make others comfortable in unguarded moments and realize your beauty and freedom in your vulnerability.  Your session will be laid back, casual, and fun...an opportunity to let all the daily grind fall away and take in the moment.  I believe in gently directing you through your session to allow the moment to unfold as it should.  We will collaborate on a location that best suits you, there are so many beautiful locations in the Midwest...from landscape to urban, the choices are unbounded....in-home sessions are amazing and provide an intimate and relaxed vibe, I am here for all of it!  

I was raised in a small Wisconsin town and a country gal at heart; and proud of my Wisconsin accent that shows itself from time to time!  I have a love for the Driftless area, good food, good company, and a good cocktail!
I am a mother to two rambunctious and smart little humans, and my favorite thing is curling up on the couch with a kiddo under each arm and reading a book....literally my favorite thing ever!  Inspiration for me is unbounded; the love of a family, the colors in a sunrise, the wind bending the grass and making the leaves dance in the light, a smile in an unguarded moment.  Your uniqueness and vulnerability is inspiring and I will create art that documents your essence in this way.


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"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."-aristotle

baking is my therapy; sweets, bread, all the yummy stuff!

i have a degree in electrical engineering and worked as an electrical engineer IN MADISON for 14 yeARS.

i am a big fan of old school rap...I am talking notorious b.I.g era!

renovated a 28' camper, love family camping trips TO DOOR COUNTY!


my go to coffee order is an oatmilk latte...unsweetened of course!

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a few more nuggets about me.

Franke + family session

"I can't thank you enough for the gallery!  I love it so much!!  We had a great time with you and will be booking you in the future for sure.  The photos are wonderful!!"

"We had a great time with you and will be booking you in the future for sure."

Jones + newborn session

"Thank you so much - these are AMAZING!  I absolutely love them.  Thank you so much for capturing this time for us.  We are so excited to hang them up in our house."  

"-These are aMAZING!"

Pulvermacher + Family session

"Receiving this gallery was what I needed..thank you!  These images are great.  The girls are captured and showcased in their element.  The light is yummy, those smiles and twirls, and perceived absence of stress or frustration makes my heart sing. Great work and wonderful product.  Thank you!"

"The light is yummy, those smiles and twirls...they make my heart sing."


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